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Your right to privacy is important to Avanti Jure Advocatuur (Avanti Jure) and we have therefore taken the necessary measures to protect your personal information as referred to in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Avanti Jure processes information of:

  • natural persons who are involved in an agreement with Avanti Jure, for example as a client or as the other party;

  • natural persons who represent a legal entity, partnership or other entity, who are involved in an agreement with Avanti Jure, for example, as a client or as the other party;

  • natural persons who are the ultimate beneficial owner of a legal entity, partnership or other entity and Avanti Jure must identify this person pursuant to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Dutch: Wwft).


The following personal information of these natural persons – to the extent necessary – will be processed: surname, initials, first names, gender, address, postal code, location, telephone number, fax number, email address, IP address, date of birth, place of birth, position, nationality, citizen service number, civil status, medical information, financial information and (passport) photos.


The personal information that Avanti Jure receives from the person, third parties and by consulting public sources, extracts from the Commercial Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the Personal Records Database, the land registry office and a copy of the passport are – to the extent necessary – stored.


Purpose & Basis

Avanti Jure processes information to:

  • be able to perform legal service provision and to be able to perform assignments and agreements, including providing advice, intermediary activities, referral and conducting (judicial) procedures;

  • comply with legal provisions, such as for example the Legal Profession Regulations (Dutch: Voda) and the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Dutch: Wwft);

  • perform marketing and communication activities;

  • serve certain legitimate interests of relationships, such as in the context of the identification of involved parties, the provision of information, both when asked and on own initiative, and the referral of certain requests for assistance.


Avanti Jure ensures that the processing of personal information is always proportional to the purpose of the processing and only processes personal information if the purpose of processing cannot be achieved in a different, less far-reaching, manner.

Processing within the EEA

Avanti Jure will only process your personal data within the European Economic Area. This may be different if we have made written agreements with you about this. In that case we verify that the security level for personal data guaranteed by the GDPR is not subverted and whether we have sufficient interest in processing outside the European Economic Area.



Avanti Jure collaborates with partners both in the area of consultancy as well as with respect to its own business operations. As far as our own operational management is concerned, these partners include our administration office, IT supplier(s) and the Dutch Bar Association. Advice is for example be provided to legal authorities, bailiffs, notaries public, accountants and tax consultants.


If Avanti Jure involves partners in the advisory process because of their specialized knowledge and resources, you will be notified. We agree with our partners that they will comply with all obligations under the GDPR in the same way that we do (or better).


Retention periods

The personal information which Avanti Jure processes is not saved longer than necessary in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes and to comply with legal requirements.


Security measures

The personal information which Avanti Jure processes is protected by the organisational and technical measures such as: firewalls, encryption of personal information and access controls. With these measures, the risk of loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and change of personal information is reduced as much as possible. If we are nevertheless faced with a data leak, we will notify you. If necessary, we will also report it to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.



You have a right to be provided with information about, a right to inspection of, rectification of, make additions to, removal of and protection of your personal information. You also have a right to object, data portability, oblivion and limitation of the processing of your personal information. If you have given permission for the processing of your personal information, you are always allowed to revoke this permission. If due to this, Avanti Jure can no longer execute the assignment that you have given to Avanti Jure, then Avanti Jure will terminate the agreement. If you have questions, comments or requests about the processing of your personal information, please contact Avanti Jure using the email address: or the postal address: Postbus 118, 4730 AC Oudenbosch. You will receive a message from us within four (4) weeks.



If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, you can also contact us. If we cannot resolve the matter together, you will have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The contact details of the Dutch Data Protection Authority are published on the website:  



Our privacy policy is regularly updated, for example when this is necessary to comply with legislation and regulations. The most recent version of the privacy statement is published on our website:

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