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What can we do for you?



Avanti Jure advises entrepreneurs about risks related to entrepreneurship.


For example, about setting up your business structure and the agreements you make with your partners, shareholders and directors.


Avanti Jure works together with accountants, tax specialists and civil-law notaries to devise a practical and complete solution to identify and manage the risks you run.

The entrepreneur in private

bruid en bruidegom

As an entrepreneur, you can be confronted with issues in the field of family and inheritance law. 


 Avanti Jure advises entrepreneurs in every phase of their lives. For example, when entering into or terminating a partnership or marriage.

You can also contact us with regards to the field of inheritance law. Feel free to call us if you need advice on the execution of a will, protection of the surviving spouse, the legal portion, a child's portion, or the continuation of a business by an heir.



Avanti Jure advises on (framework) contracts as well as general terms and conditions.

We have the necessary knowledge in-house to test and draw up purchase contacts, rental contracts, employment contracts and franchise contracts, among other things. 

We can test or set up business processes for you. For example, to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act or privacy legislation.



Are you confronted with problems that can no longer be resolved in proper consultation? Then you will have to deal with legal proceedings.

Avanti Jure then ensures that you know where you stand. We guide you through every step of the procedure, from a summon or petition up to and including the ruling.

We bring a cutting-edge procedure to court. We focus on the content and not on the person. We consider a procedure to be successful when both parties understand the outcome.

Natasja Rensen has registered the legal practice areas of corporate and contract law in the Netherlands Bar's register of legal areas. She ensures that she obtains at least ten training credits in this field of law each year in accordance with the standards set by the Bar.

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