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This office complaints procedure applies to every assignment agreement between Avanti Jure Advocatuur (Avanti Jure) and its clients. Clients do not owe any compensation for the handling of a complaint by Avanti Jure.

The objective of this office complaints procedure is (i) to record a procedure for dealing with complaints from clients within a reasonable period of time and in a constructive manner, (ii) maintaining and improving existing relationships by means of proper complaints handling and (iii) improving the quality of the service with the aid of complaint handling and complaint analysis.


Before entering into an assignment agreement, every client is informed that Avanti Jure uses an office complaints procedure. The general terms and conditions include to which independent party or body a complaint that has not been resolved after treatment can be submitted. Complaints that have not been resolved after handling will be submitted to the court, unless the complaint has a strict disciplinary effect: in that case the complaints procedure of the Bar Association applies.

Complaint procedure

If a client submits a complaint, the complaint will be forwarded to Natasja Rensen. Natasja Rensen contacts the client and does her utmost to handle the complaint to the client's satisfaction. If a complaint has been made about an employee, Natasja Rensen will notify the employee. The client and the employee are given the opportunity to provide an explanation. Natasja Rensen does her utmost to handle the complaint together with the employee to the satisfaction of the client.


Natasja Rensen strives to handle a complaint within four weeks of receipt. If this fails, the client will be informed about this and a new term will be set together with the client. Natasja Rensen will inform the client in writing of the assessment and handling of the complaint. All communication regarding a complaint will be treated in strict confidence.


Natasja Rensen maintains the complaint file and formulates recommendations. At least once a year, the recommendations are discussed with the employees and the relevant procedures are updated on the basis of relevant recommendations.

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