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Avanti Jure Advocatuur (Avanti Jure) does not receive third-party funds within the meaning of the Regulation on the legal profession. Avanti Jure is therefore exempt from the obligation to have a foundation available for third-party funds.


If Avanti Jure is confronted with third-party funds, it will ensure that these funds (in accordance with Article 6.19, first paragraph of the By-Laws on the legal profession) are directly transferred to the entitled party. It is also possible that Avanti Jure still joins a foundation for third-party funds (and that the funds flow through this foundation). All rules about third-party funds then apply.

Avanti Jure does not receive any third-party funds on the office account. She has informed the President that she does not have a client funds foundation, and will also inform him of changes regarding the availability of a client funds foundation.

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